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OS Agenda June 13/07


Total Hip Replacement

Blaylock discharge planning tool

Client Communication Form - FI March 07

Patient Pathway-FI March 07

Clinical Pathway-FI June 07

Ongoing Post-op care (July 07)

Completed Pages pdf

Implementation Algorithm March 07


Orthopedic Functional Questionnaire

Post op Day 1 completed

Post-op orders (July 07)

Post-Op orders Receiving Hospital (July 07)

Smiley Face Tool FI March 07

CCAC Clinical PathwayMarch 07

CCAC Client Pathway March 07

CCAC Patient Communication Form March 07

Rehab referral Form March 07

Fractured Hip

Cam completed


Client Pathway

Clinical Pathway(June 07)

Completed Pages (May 07 complete clinical pathway)

Blaylock Discharge planning tool completed (July 07)

Braden Risk Assessment (July 07)

Client Communication Form May 07

LEF Tool (July 07)

Nursing May 07

OT May 07

Patient Client Info Checklist May 07

Phase one waiting for surgery completed(July 07)

Post op day one completed (July 07)

Post-Op Orders (July 07)

Post-Op Orders Receiving Hospital (July 07)

Pre-Op Orders(July 07)


Smiley Face Tool

Teaching Checklist March 07


ACS orders(July 07)

Thrombolytic Therapy orders

Patient Pathway

Teaching checklist

Community Resources Sheet

Completed clin path to Day 4

Completed Discharge Criteria

Inclusion Criteria master signing sheet

Completed Teaching checklist

Completed 1st 2 hours

Completed 1st 2 hours

Completed ACS adm greater 2 hours

Teaching checklist

Patient pathway



Clinical pathway GBHS RS

chest assessment form HDH

Discharge criteria

Patient pathway

Teaching Checklist

CCAC algorithm

CCAC Clinical pathway

CCAC Client pathway

CCAC teaching checklist


Inclusion Criteria Master signing sheet

Clinical Pathway

Completed Clinical pathway Phase 1

Completed Clinical pathway Phase 1

Patient pathway

Completed Teaching checklist

Blank Phase 1 page

Completed Discharge Criteria

CCAC clinical pathway

CCAC client pathway

CCAC teaching checklist


Chest Assessment (July 07)

Discharge Criteria (July 07)

Phase 1 completed (July 07)

Phase 2 completed (July 07)

Orders (July 07)

Patient Pathway (July 07)

Teaching checklist (July 07)

Deep breathing and Coughing (July 07)

Smoking Cessation Flow chart (July 07)

Inhaler Teaching (July 07)

Clinical pathway (July 07)






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